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At Camp Collage, we know how special camp is to all “campers”. We also know how important it is for campers to feel emotionally secure during this time away from their families. For this reason, Camp Collage was created to help campers share their special memories of home with those newfound friends at camp. All Collage’s take 5 to 7 business days to print, ship, and deliver. Order 10 days in advance. 

Join the Camp Collage “perfect gift club” and be a hero. We have the perfect gift for anyone…..A puzzle of your memories.

The Perfect Gift

Have you ever wondered what the perfect gift is for any parent or grandparent? Wish no longer. Our 500 piece puzzles make the perfect gift. Use during:

  • Mothers Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Grandparents Day
  • Christmas Gifts



How It Works

Follow these steps to make your Camp Collage!

Be sure to upload a picture of you and your Collage on Instagram to help us spread the word. 

Coming summer of 2022….The Perfect Grandparent Gift!


 Step 1

  • Download the mobile app
  • Create your profile
  • Begin creating with the “Create Collage” Button
  • *Tip* Use the “Save Your Spot” Button to reserve your spot, and ensure printing as soon as your collage is ready. 

Step 2

  • Select the layout you would like to use
  • Both Templates have 36 uploads. Our Templates are uniquely designed to display small, medium, and large photos.
  • New Templates Coming Soon! 

Step 3

  • Look through your phone to find the memories your camper would love to see while they are away.
  • Simply tap an open space on the screen, and select an image from your phone.
  • Repeat this process one at a time, or tap “Add Pictures” to upload four at a time. After you picked the right 36, its time to press “Continue”. 

Step 4

  • Edit and personalize each picture as desired: Crop, Add Text, Place a Picture Frame 

Step 5

  •  Place each picture in its perfect place.
  • Step 5 is a the most important step in the process in order to create the perfect Camp Collage. 

Step 6

  • View the Collage and press “Submit”.
  • A confirmation will be sent to your email. Be sure to check junk and spam folders! 

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Let’s Be Partners

Camp Collage invites all “over-night” camps to join our ecosystem. In the spirit of supporting campers all over, we created our partnership program. It is our mission to make sure every kid knows the meaning of old fashion fun. Benefits of partnering are:

  1. $2.50 Rebate on Every Collage Ordered By a Camper
  2. Promotion in a Camp Collage Newsletter
  3. Promotion on Camp Collage Facebook and Instagram

Our Partners

About Us

Camp Collage was founded by the Willoughby family. Although Michael and Darla Willoughby never attended overnight camps, all three of their children attended Camp Longhorn located in the Hill Country outside of Austin, Texas. From the very beginning, and every year after, Darla would spend days creating a Camp Collage to place inside each trunk. These collages would strengthen their emotional security while being away from family. At the same time, these collages sparked meaningful conversations with their newfound camper friends. Every year, the Willoughbys’ look forward to opening their camp trunks and sharing memories. 
Darla Willoughby

Darla Willoughby


President of Camp Collage

Drew Willoughby

Drew Willoughby


Collage Student 8 Year Camper Camp Longhorn
Sydney Willoughby

Sydney Willoughby


High School Senior 9 Year Camper Camp Longhorn
Laila Willoughby

Laila Willoughby


High School Sophmore 8 Year Camper Camp Longhorn
Camp Collage